Current DSCLab news

6/9/20: Finally! Our first study of eye-tracking of social situations in schizophrenia: individuals with schizophrenia don’t look at moving facial expressions in peripheral vision, affecting the ability to use vision to understand everyday social situations:

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Marie Mathieu completed her poster !

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Nahian Chowdhury completed her poster !

2/7/19 Gaurav has a new review in Cortex (with Carlo Sestieri and Maurizio Corbetta) on the evolution of the TPJ


See Gaurav’s new commentary in this week’s edition of Biological Psychiatry!


Gaurav will be speaking at the Columbia Transational Neuroscience Initiative luncheon on 9/14, and at the Duality’s End conference at Austen Riggs on 9/29.


Gaurav was notified that he won a David Mahoney Neuroimaging Award from the Dana Foundation! This grant will allow the lab to extend its study of the TPJ-pSTS and visual scanning of social situations to individuals at high-risk for developing schizophrenia to see how these deficits develop.