C3N Seminars


9/11/2019: Sarah Fineburg MD, PhD, Corlett Lab: Yale Instruction Investigation Intervention in Emotional Lability and Dysregulation;  Yale Medicine

10/9/2019: Joan A. Camprodon-Gimenez, MD, PhD, Chief: Division of Neuropsychiatry, Director:  TMS clinical service, Director: Laboratory of Neuropsychiatry & Neuromodulation


7/31/19: Matthew Botvinick PhD, Director of Neuroscience Research, DeepMind, London, U.K.

8/7/19: Mariam Aly PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Columbia University

6/19/19: Daniel M. Wolpert PhD, Professor of Neuroscience; Principal Investigator at the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute

5/22/19: Columbia Conte Center – C3N Talk : Adam Mamelak MD, Department of Neurosurgery ; Cedar-Sinai Hospital Los Angeles, CA:  Deciphering the mechanisms of episodic memory with single neuron recording in  humans

5/8/19: Xiao-jing Wang, PhD, Global Professor of Neural Science and Co-Director of the Sloan-Swartz Center for Theoretical Neuroscience , New York University

4/17/19: Vincent Ferrera, PhD, Professor of Neuroscience (in Psychiatry) and Principal Investigator at Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Columbia University

4/24/19: Robb Rutledge, PhD, MRC Career Development Fellow at the Max Planck UCL Centre

2/13/19: Nico Dosenbach MD, PhD,   “Precision Functional Mapping of Individual Brains.”  Department of Neurology, Washington University

1/9/19: Nikolaus Kriegeskorte PhD, Principal Investigator at Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute , Columbia University

1/16/19: Steven M. Silverstein PhD,  Division of Schizophrenia Research , Rutgers University

1/24/18: Michael E. Goldberg MD, Department of Neuroscience, Columbia University

3/14/18: Daniel Salzman MD/PhD, Departments of Neuroscience and Psychiatry, Columbia University

4/18/18: Steve Chang PhD, Department of Psychology, Yale University

5/9/18: Chad Sylvester MD/PhD, Department of Psychiatry, Washington University

5/16/18: Christine Denny, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University

6/6/18: Yael Niv PhD, Princeton Neuroscience Institute and Psychology Department, Princeton University

6/20/18: Charles E. Schroeder , PhD, Columbia University

7/11/18: Terry Goldberg, PhD, Columbia University

7/25/18: James Waltz, PhD, University of Maryland

9/5/18: John Murray, PhD, Yale University

9/26/18: Gregor Hasler. MD: University Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Bern

10/17/18: Kenway Louie. MD, PhD: NYU Center for Neural Science and Neuroeconomics