gauravGaurav Patel MD/PhD is an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University and a Research Scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. He received his MD and PhD at Washington University School of Medicine with Maurizio Corbetta and Larry Snyder.  He then completed his psychiatry residency at Columbia University, continuing his PhD work with Vincent Ferrera.  Afterwards he completed a T32 research fellowship with Daniel Javitt and has now joined the faculty at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute. For his work, Gaurav has received a number of awards, including a NARSAD Young Investigator Award in 2015, a K23 Career Development Award in 2016, and a David Mahoney Neuroimaging Award from the Dana Foundation in 2017.  CV  Research Gate




Juan Sanchez-Pena M.S, is a senior image analyst working on integrating the Human Connectome Project with our data acquisition.






Daniel Ruiz-Betancourt B.A., is a Research Assistant and amateur computer vision scientist working on algorithms that predict human visual scanning in video stimuli.





Benjamin Srivastava, M.D. is a clinical and research fellow in Substance Use Disorders at Columbia University Medical Center and the New York State Psychiatric Institute. He received his M.D. from the University of Florida College of Medicine and completed his residency in general psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine. His current research interests include using advanced resting state functional imaging techniques to investigate changes in cortical-subcortical connectivity in substance use disorders that might predict relapse.




Yvette Dzumaga is and MD/MBA ’19 candidate, rounding out her studies by working in the Patel lab. She is learning how to analyze data using MATLAB and is interested in human behavior and the intersection of psychiatry, business and design. After graduation, she plans on going into industry to work in healthcare/design and strategy.






Fabiola Plaza is a senior at Columbia University pursuing her B.A., and is known in the lab as being a constant source of auditory stimuli. She likes to fiddle around with fidl, and is working on analyzing the effects of different emotional and moving stimuli




Nahian Chowdhury, is a junior at Barnard College pursuing her BA in Neuroscience and Behavior. She studies activation by naturalistic stimuli






Johanne Solis  is 2nd year Master’s Student at the Teacher’s College at Columbia University  studying  behavioral data in subjects at high risk for psychosis


Past Members:

Sophie Arkin, BS 
Laura Bartel, BS  Resume